We recommend VideoText Interactive for high school algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. This program uses the same philosophy as RightStart™ Mathematics; students are taught to think mathematically and, consequently, develop an excellent understanding of algebra and geometry.

Start the VideoText Module A, pre-algebra, half way through RightStart™ Mathematics Level G. Some students prefer to do the RightStart™ lessons the first part of the week and the VideoText lessons the second half. Others alternate day by day.

VideoText Interactive Algebra Module A may be purchased at a discounted price when purchased at the same time as either Level G Starter Kits or the E to G Add-On Kit. 

VideoText Interactive Algebra, the high school program recommended by RightStart™ Mathematics, offers the course either online or on DVD. The programs are identical, however the method of delivery and cost differ. VideoText Interactive's pre-algebra program, Module A, is recommended to begin about half way through the Level G curriculum.

Tom Clark; creator of VideoText Interactive, says: "When a RightStart™ Level G student wants to begin Module A, we suggest a 1-lesson-per-week approach.  Monday - View the lesson and do the odd problems.  Tuesday - Take Form A of the quiz (if there is one).  Wednesday - "You know how it is when you watch a movie the second time........" View the lesson again, and do the even problems.  Thursday - Take form B of the quiz (if there is one).  Friday - Relax! Play some Math games!" Want to read more about teaching VideoText?

Some students prefer to do the VideoText program as outlined above, keeping the Geometric Approach going at the same time. Some prefer to do it two days in a row and the Geometric Approach the other three. Some like to go week by week. Each student will find their preferred method.

When the VideoText Interactive Pre-Algebra (Module A) program is done with the RightStart™ Mathematics; A Hands-On Geometric Approach program, as Dr. Cotter recommends, this will take almost two years to complete.


VideoText Algebra comes in six modules and includes pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II. VideoText Geometry also comes in six modules. (includes formal geometry, trigonemetry, and pre-calculus). All modules are available via DVD or online. Included in both formats are video lessons, course notes, workbooks, solutions, tests, and unlimited customer service support.

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I just wanted to pass this thank you along to Dr. Cotter for the time that she spent with me today answering questions and giving me the confidence that I can do this. Her help was invaluable. ~Tonya M…
– Tonya M

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